Norwood the Narwhal

Hi! I’m Norwood the Narwhal,
And I’m happy as can be.
I live way far up north in the icy cold blue sea.
Canada, Russia and Greenland are close by to me.

I live with my dad and my mom and little Sissy Nan.
We’re a fun-loving close-knit happy little narwhal clan.
We have neighbors and friends and much more family;
Life down here is happy as can be.

We live in a cool cave way down deep
Where we eat yummy fish
And have a safe place to sleep.

My dad builds houses for the Narwhal community.
That’s his job and he’s good at it as you will clearly see.
He builds houses in rocks and caves tucked far out of sight,
That way we’re all safe and sound throughout the day and night.

My mom’s a busy beaver keeping house for all of us,
She cooks and cleans and does all her mommy stuff,
She keeps us in line, doing our chores
Like making our beds and sweeping up the floors
And picking up seaweed floating in from distant shores.

And when our work is done,
It’s time for friends and fun
Nan and I love to swim and play;
We dart to and fro every single day.

Molly and Billy Beluga
are our cousins who live closeby.
We have a long tusk, they do not;
But we’re related nevertheless!!

They are our besties, our special friends,
We love them through thick and thin;
Playing chase and hide ‘n’ seek
Close your eyes! And don’t you peak!

We are fast, we are agile,
We are clever and sleek.
Darting in and out
From rock to rock
Swimming and racing
Floating and chasing!!
The fun never ends
Until, of course, our moms
call us in.

Yay!!! Dad’s home from his working day
Nan and I still want to play
Grabbing him by the hand
Hugging him hard as we can
We love our dad; he’s the best
Head and shoulders above the rest!

He swings us high up in the air
We laugh and giggle
We try to tickle

But just then we hear Mom say
Wash up!! Dinner’s coming!!!
We all come running
We’re so hungry!!!

Dad bows his head to pray
We are so thankful for each day;
Yummy cod fish on the plate
We scarf it down; it’s getting late

And now beddie bye time has come ,
Our wonderful, fun day is over and done.
We say our prayers and snuggle up;
Give Mom and Dad a good night kiss
Nothing can compare to this!!

I’m Norwood the Narwhal
And now I say good night to all!!!


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