Our Lord Reigns!!

The Lord God reigns over heaven and earth!
He is good and lovely and of infinite worth!
Who is like the Lord, Who can say?
He is glorious and magnificent in every way!

He is gentle as lamb and tender as a dove,
His heart is filled with mercy, compassion and love.
He is gracious and kind, meek and mild,
He is brave as a lion and yet innocent as a child.

He is the Word of God who took on humanity,
He is God’s humble One in servility,
He came to seek and save the lost;
He came to sacrifice Himself on a bloody cross.

He spoke of repentance and the kingdom was at hand,
This message of redemption is for every girl, boy and man.
Look to Me! Look to Me! See who I am!
The Savior of the world; God’s redeeming Man!

Mankind in sin and lost in trespass,
Filled with despair and hopelessness.
Where do we turn and find relief?
Is there any right thing or good belief?

Yes there is, there is this One;
His name is Jesus, God’s beloved Son!
Turn from sin and from death and from all evil;
Turn to the One who is able to deliver!

Jesus the Christ who died on a cross,
To deliver His own from death and great loss;
He shed His blood to set men free
And open to them the doors of eternity!

Through repentance and faith we come to Him,
And He with His blood washes away every sin.
Remembered no more and cleansed deep within,
We are His beloved, His family, His kin.

What a hope, what a promise, what glorious future,
And as He works in us, we grow and mature;
All praise, honor and glory, all adoration and love,
For the holy One of God, who descends as a dove.

He fills our hearts and builds us up,
And as we submit, with Him we will sup.
And then in His power His light we will be,
And the lost and hopeless will see eternity!!

God is good, God is great and amazing and pure.
He lays down His life our redemption to secure.
And we fall down on our knees and raise holy hands
To praise, worship and glorify this holy God-man.


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