Whiter Than Snow

O Lord, my sin and my transgression,
My iniquity is ever before You!
My whole being infected and distorted,
Marked and marred by sin’s foul snare,
Seeping into the deepest part of me,
Scarlet stains bleeding from the inside out,
Crimson stains covering me,
O Lord, I am born in sin,
It permeates every part of me;
Before You my good deeds are as filthy rags,
There is nothing righteous or upright in or about me,
Nothing to make me desirable or worthy before You;
My mouth spills lies,
My feet spread destruction,
I am full of dead man’s bones,
My heart is deceitful and desperately sick;
My spirit is corrupt and full of darkness;
Dead in sin and transgression,
I love the darkness covering my evil deeds,
Fleeing from the light that exposes me;
Filled with shame and guilt and condemnation,
I deny such things and justify my thoughts, words and actions.
I point fingers, blame and rationalize,
I’m not so bad, not like him or her;
A little white lie, a little innocent gossip,
Twisting the truth to make myself look good,
At someone else’s expense, O well;
Everybody does it, we’re all in the same boat,
Besides I’m not so bad as that man on death row,
A surreptitious look, but not adultery,
Borrowing not returning,
But not a bank robber;
Good in my own eyes,
So I tell myself.
But when I look deep down inside,
I know , yes, I know, something is not right;
Something, yes, something is terribly wrong,
But O God, before You opened my blind eyes,
Before You unstopped my deaf ears,
Before You took my heart of stone
And put in a heart of flesh,
Before You revealed Yourself to me
In your holiness,
That was my life!
I was born in iniquity and shrouded in wickedness,
But now I know I was crimson, stained inside and out,
Filthy and pitiful, steeped in vileness and sin;
You have opened my eyes and shown me my iniquity;
You have revealed Yourself to me in Your righteous holiness,
Shining a light on my dark places and awful wickedness,
But instead of guilt and shame and condemnation,
I see nail-scarred hands reaching out to me.
How can this be; O, how can this be!
Mercy and grace poured on such a vile one as me!
A bloody Roman Cross and a man crucified there;
Forgiveness and love flowing down from above;
I’m guilty, He’s innocent,
He took my place and died for my sin,
He calls to the sin-sick, repent and trust in Me,
He calls to the weary, come and find your rest in Me,
His message of forgiveness and rest goes far and wide,
To every people, every nation, every tongue and tribe.
It came to me one day when I was not looking for Him,
I was not desiring or seeking or searching for Him.
I heard His call and my heart was changed,
In a instant, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye;
He called me to Himself and I willingly came,
Forever transformed by His redeeming love,
He took the nails that we meant for me,
He took God’s wrath and was crushed for me,
He bled and died so that I could truly live and be free,
He did it all and He did it for me.
He is worthy, I am not;
He is perfect, I am marred and stained,
Crimson and scarlet in sin’s grasp and snare,
Now washed whiter than snow in the Lamb’s precious blood;
Crimson stain, scarlet sin now have no hold over me,
No longer seeping through me from the inside out,
A new creature in Christ, the old passed away,
Myself engraved on the palm of His hand,
Called child of God, sons and daughters of the King,
Adopted into His family, with every spiritual blessing,
Flowing down from the Father of heavenly lights,
Blessing upon blessing and grace upon grace,
Drawn closer and closer to our Savior Jesus Christ,
Invited into the very throne room of God by His blood sacrifice,
Knowing our loving Father never slumbers or sleeps,
But always hears our prayers and supplies our every need,
Covering us under His mighty, powerful, protective wings,
Conforming us to His Son’s image and making us like Him;
Until that day we go to be with Him,
In His heavenly abode around His throne,
Face to face with our blessed Jesus,
We will be like Him,
Seeing Him face to face
O what a glorious day that will be!!!
No more crimson, no more scarlet, no more sin and shame,
Whiter than snow with our blessed Jesus, our Savior and King!

# 92


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