Praise Him! Praise Him!

Praise Him! Praise Him!
Halleluia! Praise the Lord!
For He is good and He is gracious!
He is merciful and He is kind!
The Lord, the Everlasting One,
From eternity to eternity,
He is the one true God and
there is none like Him:
There are no gods before Him,
And none to come after.
He alone is God and
He alone is worthy!
Worthy is the Lord to be praised!
Worthy to be honored!
Worthy of all our love and adoration!
A King like no other,
Seated on His heavenly throne.
Sovereign over all His creation!
Lord and Master of heaven and earth,
The universe displays His glory,
The heavens declare His majesty,
The mountains and hills rejoice!
The fields cry out to Him!
All living creatures do His bidding,
And reside under His tender care.
And who is man formed of dust,
Created in His likeness and image,
Created for fellowship and to give Him glory!
But rebellious in his nature
And sinful in his flesh, lost, dead,
separated from his Maker;
Without hope, without life,
Walking the broad path of destruction,
Headed for the lake of fire!
And yet God in His lovingkindness
Looked down at mankind’s miserable estate,
And took pity on rebellious sinners
And had compassion on those who went astray.
In His mercy and grace,
He sent His Beloved Son;
The Word became flesh,
Very God of very God,
Taking on humanity
And entering into His own,
Not to condemn or punish or cast away,
But to bring salvation and life
to Adam’s helpless race.
Fully God and fully man,
Full of truth and grace;
Jesus, God’s Son, came to die
so that lost sinners might have life,
And have it abundantly!
What a God, what a Savior!
What an amazing sacrifice!
The perfect sinless One,
The pure spotless Lamb of God
Laying down His life on a cross;
Punished for the sins
of all who repent and trust;
Redeeming and reconciling lost sinners
by His shed blood,
Giving them new life,
Changing heart and soul
So that those who once walked in darkness
Now shine in the Light.
A perfect Savior, a perfect redeemer,
The lover of our souls,
making us like Him;
Putting to death the sinful flesh,
Making all things new.
Now we delight in Him,
Desiring to do His will
And not our own;
Taking us from glory to glory,
Blessing upon blessing,
Tendnermercies every day
Until He brings us safely home.
Praise Him! Praise Him!
All glory and majesty and power and dominion
to the Holy One of God!
Holy is the Father, worthy is the Lamb
Forever and ever and evermore!


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