Bow Before the King

A great and mighty God sits on His throne,
Surveying the world and all that’s His own;
He is awesome in His splendor and majestic in His ways,
He is holy and righteous, the Ancient of Days;
Who is like Him, who can compare,
A jewel like no other, so fine and so rare;
The Pearl of great price, the true living vine,
The Light of the World and Savior of mankind;
The bread of life and the door to the sheep,
Unlocking treasures as deep calls to deep;
The good and great Shepherd sent down from above,
Hands held out to lost sinners showing God’s mercy and love.
From the lavish living waters come, come and drink,
He pours out abundantly more than we can ask or think;
He holds nothing back,
In Him there is no want or lack;
He pours out extravagantly,
He spared not even His own Son for lost humanity;
So great was His love that He sacrificed His only Begotten,
For the rebellious, the vile, the despicable and rotten.
What love is this, what amazing grace
God stepped down from heaven and entered the human race.
He became one of His created and lived among them;
Sharing life’s sorrows and pain, and yet untouched by sin.
Identifying with His own and yet so pure and far above;
We are like Him and yet not in the fullness of His great love.
God Almighty, Prince of Peace, Lord of lords and King of kings,
Son of man and Son of God, our all in all and everything;
There is nothing like Him in heaven or on earth,
The glorious, matchless King of infinite worth;
So who is this God-man we are called to worship and adore,
The One who gave His all so we could be reconciled back to the Lord;
Jesus, the Humble Servant of God, the Lamb sacrificed,
The Holy One, the Messiah, our blessed Jesus Christ,
Bow down before this man, this holy and lovely gracious One,
Bow down before the King, God’s only begotten Son,
Bask in His presence and His comfort and love,
Fierce as a lion and tender as a dove;
The Eternal Son of God, always was, always is,
Died for wretched sinners, His life to give;
Lived a sinless life, died on a cross,
All was gain, nothing was lost;
Three days in a tomb, then raised from the dead,
When He ascended on high, captives He lead,
His Holy Spirit giving gifts to men,
Shedding His light on darkness and sin,
His blood washes sinners clean
So that on Him they can rely and lean,
Resting in His everlasting arms,
Keeping them safe from evil and harm;
Holding them close, close to His heart,
He will never, ever leave or depart;
Until that day He comes back as the conquering King,
Stamping out all evil and every vile thing;
Bring perfect justice to all evildoers
To those who are heartless, wicked and cruel;
And taking home His beloved ones,
Where they will spend eternity with Father, Spirit and Son.
No hurt, not pain, no sigh, no groan,
In blessed fellowship around the throne,
With our sisters and brothers from all the ages,
No laments, no cries, no sorrow, no rages;
Just perfectly crying with one heart and one voice,
An incredibly beautiful and united chorus,
With the angels singing along,
A multitude of believers and saintly throng,
Holy, holy, holy is our God and King,
A new heaven and earth He will bring,
Sun and moon we need nore more,
God will be our lamp and our light for evermore.
Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! The newborn King,
The Risen Messiah! Our all in all and everything!

# 93


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Around the Throne of God

“And I saw between the throne (with the four living creatures) and the elders a Lamb standing, as if slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God, sent out into all the earth. And He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. When He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one holding a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they *sang a new song, saying,

“Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.” Revelation 5: 6-9

There is the throne,
A heavenly throne,
Who is seated there?
Surrounded by four creatures
And worshipping elders,
Only One is seated there.
God Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth,
The only One of infinite value and worth,
The only One worthy of praise,
The only One before whom we bow,
The only One filled with glory and truth,
The only One who rules over heaven and earth,
God, the Triune God, Father, Spirit and Son,
Perfect in unity, harmony and nature and character,
One God, three persons, eternal, coequal, everlasting
to everlasting.
The Father sent the Son to save His people,
The Father and the Son sent the Spirit
To indwell, instruct, teach, convict and comfort.
One God in three, each performing His task,
To elect and to save a vast multitude
Out of sin and unbelief,
Giving a new spirit and heart
And desire to worship and serve,
Melting a stony heart and making it flesh,
Putting in new desires and a will to love,
Picking up a cross and come after a new Master,
Leaving the old life behind and following where He leads,
And He leads into still waters and green meadows,
Giving peace and hope in the midst of trouble and trials,
And one day when this life is done,
He, our Lord Jesus, comes back to take us to our new home;
A glorious and lovely home with no sin or sorrow,
No death or pain or mourning or disease or wickedness,
A place of utter loveliness with our Lord face to face
Around that throne of grace
With the creatures and the elders
And the slain Lamb in the midst;
All crying out in glorious adoration,
And singing a new song,
A new song to the One seated on the throne
And the Lamb in the midst,
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb who was slain
You took the scroll and gave Your life
And purchased God’s own with your precious blood
Pouring it out on the cross in a life-giving flood,
And dying and resurrected and taken back into heaven,
What a glorious God and what a glorious Savior!
Receiving the precious prayers of Your beloved saints
As sweet bowls of incense coming before Your throne,
How amazing, how humbling, how gracious of God,
To receive our petitions, our supplications, our prayers
As a sweet fragrance before Your holy nostrils,
And around that throne of grace where our sovereign God
is seated,
And standing in the midst the slain Lamb,
Surrounded by cherubim and seraphim,
Angels and creatures and worshipping elders,
There are those redeemed ones
From every tongue and tribe and people and nation,
No culture, no ethnicity, no language, no tribe,
no color, no gender, no age, no rich or poor,
nothing or no-one who comes in faith is excluded,
But all are welcomed into His family to praise and worship
Our glorious God and His Lamb
Around His throne
Forever and ever
Throughout all eternity!

This is the destiny and life and future of all who heed the call of Jesus, who said, “Repent and believe the gospel.” Mark 1: 15 “Unless you repent, you will perish also.” Luke 13: 5

Jesus said it all–repent and believe or face judgment and eternal punishment in a place where the worm never dies and the the fire is never quenched, a place where there is great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But all the repentant are with Jesus forever in the new heaven and earth.

If you believe, rejoice in Your great salvation and if not, may today be your day of salvation.

# 116

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And I Will Give You Rest

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being…..And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
John 1: 1-3,14

Long ago in eternity past,
Before the world began,
The Triune God-
Father, Son and Spirit-
In all wisdom and love,
In His holy counsel,
Planned the creation
Of the world,
And the Word who was with God,
And the Word who was God,
Caused all things to come into being;
And when He completed His work,
Culminating in the creation of man,
He said, “It is very good.”
Adam and Eve were set in a beautiful garden,
All their needs, physical and spiritual, supplied;
Only one rule, just one simple rule,
Eat not of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,
Perfect fellowship with God, one another
And their surroundings,
But then that wily serpent came in
Deceived Eve as Adam stood by,
They ate and everything changed,
Sin entered in,
Separation ftom the Creator
And through sin came death,
Spiritual first and then physical,
And man was sent out of the garden
Lest he should each of the Tree of Life
And live forever separated from his Maker,
What was man to do?
Helpless, dead in trespasses and sins,
At enmity with very God Himself,
And under His wrath,
Man could do nothing,
Nor does he want to,
Happy in his sin,
Reveling in rebellion,
Going His own way,
Yet God in His great mercy and grace and
In His abundant unconditional lovingkindness
Had already set up a plan of redemption,
Based not on man’s worthiness,
Man is not worthy,
Only God is worthy,
Only God is good,
And in His great love for mankind,
“The Father sent the Son to be
The Savior of the world.”
And the Son willingly stepped into
His creation, taking on flesh;
Becoming one of His own,
Identifying in every way,
Except in sin,
The perfect One,
God’s justice requires punishment
A perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish;
Only Jesus the God-man could answer the call,
Perfect man and infinite God in one person;
He willingly gave His life for the joy set before Him,
Endured the cross and scorned its shame,
Shed His precious blood, gave up His spirit,
Buried in a tomb and three days later
Resurrected and now seated at His Father’s
Mighty righteous right hand,
Interceding for His redeemed children
And one day coming back to take them home
Forever with Him in the new heaven and earth.
The call and cry of the Lord is—-
“Repent and believe the gospel!
All who do are welcomed by God
And have forgiveness and eternal life!!!
Jesus saves and saves completely
On the command and authority of
His beloved Father!!!
“Salvation is of the Lord.”
“Come all who are weary and heavy-laden,
And I will give you rest.”


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One in Christ

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
Galatians 3: 28

How amazing is that–as diverse and different as we all are through culture and language and ethnicity and skin color and gender and economic and social strata and all the other ways we as human beings are so different, what happens to us when we come to faith in Jesus Christ and are a new creature in Him?

All of those barriers which divide people and cause rifts and make some feel superior and some inferior and cause hatred and disparities and all kinds of ill feelings among various groups melt away in the love of Christ.

“For He Himself is our peace, who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall,” Ephesians 2:

This is specifically with respect to Jews and Gentiles (Greeks) but we can extrapolate to all people who are in various states of animosity that we are brought to peace with God and then by that peace with one another.

What was broken in the garden when Adam and Eve rebelled and sin entered in is reconciled and restored through Jesus, our sacrificial Lamb who died to redeem us and reconcile us to the Father and adopt us into His family and making diverse and sundry people into a holy nation before the Lord and caring for one another who previously were in a state of enmity.

Only God can do that!! He makes His enemies into loving children and brings us together around His throne.

” And they *sang a new song, saying,
“Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.
“You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign upon the earth.” Revelation 5: 9-10

Around the throne of God with fellow believers from all over the world worshipping and serving together. Only God can do that and He does it perfectly and it goes throughout all eternity.

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4: 4-6

As believers we have peace with God and peace with one another and a glorious future in the new heaven and earth as His people in His glorious presence forever with no sin or sorrow or mourning or disease and in a state of absolute perfection forever.

But for the unbelieving, the liars, the unclean, the immoral–they are on the outside; they are destined for the lake of fire for their sin and unbelief.

The cry today is “Repent and believe the gospel.” The Lord Jesus Christ turns away no-one who comes to Him in faith. And all who come will be raised up on the last day and spend eternity with Him.

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The Lie of White Privilege in America

Much is being said these days about white privilege in America, that somehow because of skin color some people are automatically more advantaged and privileged than those of another or other skins colors. And the result is to condemn and demonize certain people based on this arbitrary distinction and to victimize and entitle others and thereby bring up mistrust and hatred and bad feelings among people based on arbitrary categories.

Look around and see that anyone who is in America whether born here, who has come as an immigrant and even those who have come here illegally whatever color or ethnicity is more privileged that most other people on this planet in the physical realm.

We have access to flushing toilets, to clean running water, to air-conditioning and heating: we don’t cook over wood or dung but have safe food and cooking conditions; we have all kinds of social services, charitable organizations, and safety nets; amazing health care even as expensive as it may be and the list goes on.

Why do people of all colors and ethnicities keep coming and desire to come–because they think their lives will be much better off here than in their home countries. And they stay or desire to stay whether legally or illegally because it is. And if they didn’t think they would be better off, they wouldn’t come.

The whole notion of “white privilege” is nonsense. All kinds of people by hard work and diligence can better themselves because of the freedoms and opportunities afforded them. We don’t have social strata that are fixed. People continually move up and down the social and economic scale.

We have all kinds of opportunities for education and ways for people to better themselves and their families and children. That’s what freedom and liberty and a constitutional republic offer.

And if we took the time and effort to delve past the arbitrary distinctions that certain people are promoting, we would see that the problems in this nation, and yes there are problems–every nation has problems and we are no exception–we live in a sinful world full of selfish and self-centered people, are much more complex that saying whites are privileged and other colors are disadvantaged.

A major problem is the breakdown of the family and children growing up in single parent families. All the statistics show kids who grow up in a two-parent family with mom and dad married fare better than those who do not. All the statistics show that dads are a vital part of a child’s development, for both boys and girls. So as a society we ought to be promoting healthy marriages and coming alongside those who are broken not just throwing money at them but actually trying to be a part of their lives as we have opportunity.

Another major problem is saying that men and women are the same (we are equal in value, but very different in roles and thinking and physical strength and even desires and outlook and so on) and treating little boys like little girls and not recognizing the differences leads to all kinds of issues. All kids need to run and play and fall down and skin their knees and get up and run and play some more, but it is particularly important for young boys to burn off that energy and not be made to sit for long periods of time and then medicated when they can’t and act out. Kids need lots of direction and love and to be recognized as individuals and not made to be little cookie cutters of what some adults desire.

We all need opportunities to win and lose so we can learn to win graciously and to lose without being angry or making excuses. Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes more downs that ups, and kids need to learn these things when they are young so they are better able to cope with the hard things later on.

Another area is that we need to be respectful of people with differing views. I remember a time when people used to say things like “I may disagree with you, but I will defend your right to say what you want.” Now so often we see those who demean, ridicule, dismiss and desire to shut down anyone with an opposing view and who call anyone who has views contrary to their ideas hateful and having no value. So we are beginning to see some people as worthwhile and others as less than human.

That is a very dangerous place for a society to be. Nazi Germany dehumanized the Jews; Communist Russia dehumanized the Ukrainians; the Turks dehumanized the Armenians; the Japanese dehumanized the Chinese and others in Southeast Asia.

And not to leave out America–we fought a civil war in the mid 1800’s to free the slaves–and that was whites against whites!! And do we still struggle–yes, but pitting group against group does nothing to solve the problems but rather to intensify them. We need take a realistic view as a society to see what we can do to come together to work on the problems recognizing that there are good and bad people, and that cuts across all categories, however we may categorize people. As has been said, there are bad apples in every barrel, but that also implies there are good apples there also and we need to promote the good and call out the bad wherever we find it.

Anyone can agree or disagree. That’s what this nation has been about–people with differing and opposing views being able to discuss and having the freedom to speak our minds without immediately being called hateful and abusive and micro-aggressive and all the other divisive and demeaning terms that are used against those whose thoughts and beliefs go against the “political correctness” of our times.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn spoke out against the Communist government of Russia and was shut down in his own country for his opposing views and was expelled and was only allowed back in after the fall of the Soviet Union. Totalitarian governments oppose differing ideas, free speech, and critics. It appears that there are those in powerful positions who are promoting this same kind of totalitarianism in our own country. Shut down the opposition by any means possible, criminalize certain speech as hateful and abusive and dehumanize those who differ and who may even dare to criticize.

And once you dehumanize a particular segment of society then any action against them is possible.

God’s word tells us that all people are created in His likeness and image, distorted by the fall, but nevertheless in His image and likeness and as such are worthy of respect. We don’t all have to agree, but all humans are to be respected and not treated as subhuman. We have all sinned against our Creator and as such need a Savior who God provided through sending His Eternal Son in the form of a man, the God-man Jesus Christ, who came to save His people from their sins and to reconcile all who repent and believe to God the Father and to grant eternal life in a new heaven and earth where there will be no sin or sorrow or disease or distinctions or misery or suffering, but utter loveliness face to face with our glorious and beautiful Lord Jesus. So the call today is “Repent and believe the gospel” and know His incredible mercy and grace and be spared His wrath against all sinners and the unbelieving.

God is gracious and merciful and will not turn away anyone who comes in faith!! “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

As we recognize that all people have worth and value, then we can be forgiving and forbearing to one another and follow The Golden Rule and treat others as we would like to be treated.

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Resurrected One

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God.
He was the true Light
Which coming into the world
Enlightens every man;
And you shall call His name Jesus,
for He will save His people from their sins.
And the Word became flesh
And dwelt among us.
Jesus Christ, Son of Man
And Son of God
Lived a sinless life
Proving to be God’s perfect sacrifice
For sinful humanity
Who was doomed to depravity
Without someone to intervene
God sent His beloved Son
To be that one,
Who would take on sins
And make amends
And reconcile lost sinners
And bring eternal life
Where there was enmity and strife
Between God and man.
So Jesus, God’s Son, came down
And the Word became flesh
To be the needed Savior of fallen man.
When He began doing signs and wonders
Many flocked to Him for healing and miracles,
But when His teaching was too hard
They left Him by droves
And just a few Galileans stuck with Him,
And a few women who loved Him
For casting out demons
And giving them relief and healing,
The religious leaders came against Him
Filled with envy and hatred,
They brought up false charges
They lied before Pilate
They cried “Crucify Him!”
And Pilate gave in
And so we see
The Son of God was hung on a tree.
Many came following,
His humiliation to gloat over,
The religious leaders mocked Him with scorn
As He hung there seemingly abandoned and forlorn.
How could this happen to the Messiah, the King?
Was He simply a victim of this horrible thing?
Could God have not stopped this terrible event?
Was not the Son by the Father to this earth sent?
To be a propitiation and a perfect sacrifice
To die for His own and give up His life?
Yes and Amen!! No victim was He!
He went to the cross in His Father’s authority
And hand Himself over to His enemies willingly!
Every step, every word, all this was planned
By the Triune God before the world began.
God knew man would rebel and disobey
He knew sin would enter in, what a dreadful day!
Man would reject His creator,
His God and His maker,
He would run and hide, revellng in sin
Wanting nothing to do with the one who lovingly created him,
But God in His mercy and lovingkindness
In His own perfect time
Sent the Redeemer for rebellious mankind.
The Son of God took on flesh and became one with His own
He left behind His glory and place on the throne,
Sin is so heinous and evil before God’s in His holiness
A blood sacrifice was required to gain forgiveness
So in eternity past God would decree
That His beloved Son be punished for sinful humanity,
Jesus the God-man took His place on the cross,
Shedding His blood not a drop was lost,
God’s holy wrath was satisfied
When on the cross His beloved Son died!
He accomplished His task on that tree
No victim was He but rather in perfect control and sovereignty,
He commended His spirit into His Father’s loving hands,
Bowed His head and died just as was planned,
Defeating sin and death, man’s scourge and dread,
But even as He was given over to the dead,
Death could not hold Him
The grave could not keep Him,
After three days the tomb was opened up,
The Son of God was raised up!
He walked out alive again
The risen Savior of sinful men,
Revealing Himself to those whom He loved,
Before He returned to His Father above,
Forty days He spent with His own men
Teaching and encouraging and commissioning them,
They were to wait for His Holy Spirit to come
To alight upon and indwell each and everyone,
Then go into all the earth
To tell of Jesus and His infinite worth,
As Savior, Redeemer, Reconciler and Lord,
They were to begin to preach and write down His inspired word,
So that down through the ages the gospel would spread,
Going into the far reaches of the world where His word is read,
A vast multitude would receive Him
So many would believe in Him,
Until that day when the last Gentile comes to saving faith
And He then turns back to His chosen ones in loving grace,
All Israel will recognize and know Him
All evil doers will be stand before Him,
Death and Hades and the wicked and all liars
Will be cast into the lake of fire,
And then the promised new heaven and earth
Where all the faithful will dwell with our great God of infinite worth,
We will spend eternity with Him
World without end,
Amen and Amen!!


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The Good Shepherd

“The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters.
He restores my soul;
He guides me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sake.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil, for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You have anointed my head with oil;
My cup overflows.
Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23

The Lord God watches over us like a faithful shepherd tending his wayward and needy sheep. The Lord supplies all my needs so that we lack nothing just like the shepherd of the sheep sees that his flock is well watched over.
We can rest in a lovely place of green pastures and quiet waters because the Lord God never sleeps or slumbers. Our soul and spirit can remain calm even in turmoil because our Lord gives us peace and is always with us.
And I know He will not lead us astray or cause us to err, but guide us down the path that is best for us, that path that draws us closer to Him, that path of righteousness and purity and holiness and that path that brings Him honor and glory which He and He alone is so worthy of.
How marvelous is it that the God who created the green pastures and who created the quiet waters and who created us cares so much that He watches over us in all our ways and is so loving that just as a faithful shepherd, He willingly laid down His life as a perfect sacrifice for these little lost lambs who erred and sinned and strayed and while we were yet a sinners Christ died for us.
Amazing grace, amazing love that You my God would die for us and take us to green pastures and quiet waters all under Your amazing grace and loving care, never leaving or forsaking and one day taking us home to be with You forever!!

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