You Are Able

You are able, I am not
You are strong, I am weak,
You are righteous and holy,
You have cleansed me with the blood,
The precious blood of the Lamb,
The pure spotless One,
I was darkened and spotted with sin,
I am cleansed and washed within by Him,
Declared not guilty,
Clothed in His righteousness,
An alien righteousness not of my own,
The great exchange—my sin laid on Him,
His righteousness laid on me,
He was alive, I was dead in sin,
He died so that I might live for Him,
He could do what I could not,
Wash me whiter than snow,
Take my sin,
Cast it into the depths of the sea,
Remembering it no more;
As far as the east is from the west,
So far is my sin from me,
You are able, you are willing,
Your love knows no bounds,
I am selfish, self-centered,
And yet while I was in that wretched state,
Rebelling and rebellious,
Revelling in my sin and iniquity,
Steeped in self-focus and worldly pleasure,
You had pity, You had mercy,
And plucked me like a brand out of the fire,
I was helplessly lost and You were able,
You were willing, You did it all
And You did it for love,
Love for the lost, love for the wretched,
Love for the needy, love for the sinful,
What a God, what a Savior,
What a wonderful Counselor,
What a great Shepherd and Prince of Peace,
And now that I’m Yours,
Saved by Your grace, no merit in me,
Chosen before the world was made,
Before ever doing anything good or bad,
By Your decree and good pleasure,
Accomplishing all You set out to do,
You are able and willing to die for lost sinners,
Drawing them to Yourself,
Changing a heart of stone to flesh,
Putting Your Spirit in them,
Causing them to walk in Your ways,
Doing Your will in their lives,
And one sweet day bringing them home
To be with You forever and ever!!!



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A Tough Subject

This is my opinion and certainly not everyone will agree and even may disagree vehemently and that’s okay.  America is based on free speech and being able to vocalize varying opinions and thoughts, although looking at college campuses and some other places those kinds of freedoms seem to be being shut down and only “politically correct” views are allowed.  That is such a shame for a nation that has since its inception had robust discussion and varying opinions being freely aired.

It just shows we can’t take our freedoms for granted and we must also be aware of what we have enjoyed up until now may at some time be taken away and those who disagree are already being called haters and bigots to shut down conversations and at some point may be jailed as subversives.  As a Christian this saddens me but I also know God raises up nations and leaders and brings them down for His eternal purposes and He is sovereign over all events of history. And what happens here is in His holy hands.

There are people coming into our country illegally, disrespecting our country and our laws and our citizens including our children.  There are drug dealers and human traffickers, there are terrorists, there are those who are coming to take advantage of our kindness and social services and bringing their children or perhaps even sending their children ahead to get in and then follow along.
They are not stupid; they know what they are doing.

I am NOT talking about those who wait their turn and come legally and desire to be a productive part of our society.  There is a difference between legal and illegal which a certain leftist element wants to confuse and also to manipulate and heap guilt on those who have genuine concerns about the illegals.

There is much talk about our “evil government” breaking up families when they send lawbreakers back home but their children stay.  That is not so. And the pictures of the dog pens–so much manipulation and fakeness.  I would call out the parents who are using their own children as pawns and the leftists who are are using these children to promote their agendas.  This is not right!! Why are the parents not taking their children home with them?  The best place for a child to be is with their parents and the parents should take them back with them if they really care and are not wanting to use them to get into the country .

It is the parents who are breaking up families when they come illegally and leave their children and the leftists who promote this for their own purposes. This is not right. They need to go back home with their children and if they want to come, do it the right way.

And another concern of mine is that these parents and those who support them are teaching these children to be selfish, to disregard laws, not to care about anyone except themselves, and to think that they can do whatever they want.  So what are these children going to do when they are older and make their own choices when they learn early on to disrespect the law. This is not right.

I care about these children and their families and that they do what is right even if it causes sacrifices and a longer time to come and that the children stay with their parents even in the deportation because that’s the best place for them to be and for them to learn to do what is right and not subvert laws and rules for personal desires not caring about anyone but yourself.

And for those who misuse the Bible saying we just need to let these people in because Jesus would or the Hebrews would, shame on you.  Jesus never condones using other people especially children for your own agenda and He never condones illegal behavior–He says pay your taxes and be respectful–render to Caesar what is Caesar’s–and to use Him to promote illegal behavior and to heap on guilt and manipulate others is totally anti-Jesus and brings reproach on the holy pure sinless Savior.  The Hebrews kept the foreigners outside the camp and let them in when they knew they would assimilate and worship the Hebrew God and be productive members of the community.

I want all children to survive and thrive and have a good life and to be in intact families, but not by being devious or subversive or acting in a illegal manner.  Using children for your own purposes whether you are a parent or anyone else is so wrong and one day Jesus will judge those who have done such things.

But praise the Lord no sin is too big for the blood of Jesus to cover and for all who come in faith and repentance trusting in Jesus and His finished work on the cross shedding His blood for lost sinners, they will be washed clean and will not stand before Christ the Judge at the White Throne Judgment, but rather will be welcomed home as a beloved child


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A Voice Calling

Isaiah 40: 3-8

“A voice is calling,
“Clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness;
Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.
“Let every valley be lifted up,
And every mountain and hill be made low;
And let the rough ground become a plain,
And the rugged terrain a broad valley;
Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,
And all flesh will see it together;
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”
A voice says, “Call out.”
Then he answered, “What shall I call out?”
All flesh is grass, and all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.
The grass withers, the flower fades,
When the breath of the Lord blows upon it;
Surely the people are grass.
The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever.”

As lovely as the flowers are events they bud out in spring or come to fruition in summer and fall, there is no comparison to the glory of the Lord.

And at this time in history, how do we know His glory, how glorious, how beautiful, how incomparable He is? Jesus, the revelation of God and His glory, walked the earth 2000 years ago and yet even then He had laid aside that glory and came as a humble servant, not to be served but to serve and be a ransom for many.

Three of His closest friends and disciples saw His glory on the Mount of Transfiguration as He was translated to His shining glory and was affirmed by His Father from heaven. “This is My beloved Son, listen to Him.” And yet they truly could not comprehend what they were seeing and were commanded no to speak at least until the appropriate time when they described the time in the gospels.

So how do we today see His glory? Through the pages of His glorious Holy word which He has preserved down through the ages. Many have tried often in history to stamp out His word, the burn it, to destroy it, and especially to ridicule and discredit it as we see today.

But God is greater than all and His word cannot be stamped out or destroyed or even discredited as He will always have His remnant in every age and in every society who treasure Him as He has revealed Himself through His word.

Many, we know, will deny and ridicule and mock and discredit and yet they even in great numbers will not prevail.

God will preserve His word and it will stand forever and it will do its refining and cleansing work in lives of God’s people. Jesus has told us that He will establish His church and the gates of Hades will not prevail.

Satan and his demons and his agents here on earth may seem to be prevailing at any given time, but in the end Jesus is triumphant over all His enemies. They will be brought to perfect justice and judgment for their sin and unbelief in the lake of fire and all His precious ones will be brought to a place of utter loveliness with no pain or disease or sin or sorrow face to face with our Lord Jesus forever and ever.

He has decreed this glorious end and He as the Faithful and True One will cause it to come to pass.

The call is “Repent and believe the gospel.” God has a savior’s heart. He desires salvation because He is a God of mercy, love and grace. And yet He is holy and righteous and a God of justice and the guilty–the unrepentant and those who remain in unbelief- will be brought to justice.

For all who have trusted in Jesus through faith and repentance all of heaven’s glories are for us and for those who have not, please be aware of the repercussions for your unbelief and sin–may you yield to the glorious One and may this be your day of salvation.


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High and lifted up,
Exalted and adored,
You are the holy One of Israel,
Your name is above all names,
And no one compares with You.
In the beginning God spoke
And the world was made through You.
You are before all things
And all things belong to You,
You are Jesus,
Son of God and Son of man,
The Alpha and the Omega,
The beginning and the end,
The precious Lamb of God,
The powerful Lion of Judah,
You hold the universe in Your hands
And You sustain all things,
You are Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah,
The Eternal Son,
Very God of very God,
Taking on flesh,
Entering into Your creation,
Becoming a man, humbling Yourself,
Coming to serve and not to be served,
To be the Father’s perfect sacrifice
For fallen humanity.
The first Adam rebelled and sin entered in,
And through sin came death,
You are the last Adam obedient to the Father
defeating both death and sin.
You, Jesus, shed Your blood on a Roman cross,
Sacrificing Yourself to save Adam’s fallen race,
Pouring out kindness, mercy and grace
To cleanse lost sinners from within,
Drawing Your own out of darkness and disgrace,
Three days You laid in a tomb,
But the grave was flung open,
Death could not hold You,
You rose from the dead,
Living and alive again!
Seated at the right hand of the Majesty
In heaven
Ever interceding for Your own,
Until that day You return to bring them home,
Perfectly just dying all wicked evildoers,
And bringing Your redeemed to final glory,
A new heaven and earth,
Paradise restored
More perfect than before,
With no need for sun or moon,
The Father the light by day
And His Lamb the lamp by night,
God with His own, tabernacling with them,
God on His throne,
Jesus, You at His right hand,
With all the saints from every tongue,
And tribe and people and nation
Crying out ‘holy, holy, holy is our God and
The Lamb who was slain
Worthy to receive power and dominion and
Authority and majesty and all glory
Now and forever and ever!’
Amen and Amen!!!

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One Race, Much Diversity

“The God who made the world and all things in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands; nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things; and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and exist,” Acts 17: 24-28

God Himself, Maker and Creator, of heaven and earth decided out times and place and everything about us all from one man. The Lord created Adam and from him, Eve, and thus the human race began. One origin of one race with great and marvelous diversity. And yet when they rebelled and sin entered in, everything changed and rather than perfect fellowship with God and with one another and with the environment, strife and mistrust and animosity enter in.

God made a plan of redemption which He is working out even today saving a people for Himself, but we also see that in this world today there is still strife and mistrust and arbitrary categorizing of people.

Intersectionality is a relatively new way of categorizing and lumping people into arbitrary groups (late 1980’s) and showing discrimination and disadvantage because they belong to such and such a group, not taking into account into a person’s individuality and differences, but simply collectivizing people and vilifying and victimizing based on group categories.

I am an individual and belong loosely to many different groups and backgrounds and have my own past and experiences and I am not to be defined by someone’s categories based on arbitrary groupings and distinctions.

Because I am white does not automatically mean I am privileged or not privileged. Because I am a woman does not automatically mean I abused and downtrodden or not.

Because I am from the South does not necessarily mean I am uneducated and bigoted.

Because I am short–well what does that mean???

I am a unique human being and so are you and so is everyone else.
Of course we are molded by family, environment, teachings, friends, personality, experiences but also by genes and heredity, and by God Himself

“I will give thanks to You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works.” Psalm 139: 14

Each person is a unique and one of a kind being; our fingerprints represent that beautiful fact. And we are wonderfully made in the image and likeness of Almighty God, distorted by the fall when sin entered in, but nevertheless, an image bearer of God Himself.

And of course there are groups and categories such as various hues of skin color, and male or female, born in a particular area into a family of a particular economic group, born into a particular culture and nation, speaking a particular language and other diversities which I see as beautiful and wonderful.

Carl Marx, the author of Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto, based his theories on conflict and grouping people into basically two groups–the ruling class oppressors of the the bourgeoisie and the oppressed proletariat. No room for individuality and differing situations. And conflict was the only outcome. No give and take, no discussing differences and looking for equitable solutions, but only a radical change–destroying one and raising up the other and then what??

According to Marx there were the oppressed and the oppressors and you were either one or the other. One was bad, very very bad and needed to be eradicated and the other was a victim and needed to throw off the shackles of oppression by subduing and getting rid of the evil oppressors.

So what do we have — an oppressor group and a victim group. You are one or the other. And what do we have — greed, coveting, demeaning and demonizing whole groups of people, entitlement for some and dehumanizing for others.

Intersectionality seems to be an outgrowth of this philosophy and group collectives and no room for individuals and individual traits and thoughts and actions. You are part of the group and if it’s deemed bad like white privileged American women, then you are vilified. It doesn’t matter that you help and volunteer and reach our and sacrifice time, money, efforts–you are privileged and you are an oppressor and you are only doing your good for your own benefit and you need to be destroyed.

The destruction of the oppressor class and the rise of the oppressed is Carl Marx’s premise and if done peacefully or violently–it must come to pass.

And then of course we see the results–if we are open-minded and not blinded by prejudice and political correctness. Russia became the Soviet Union and in 1937-1938 obliterated 10 million Ukranians as undesirables, and imprisoned and killed how many millions of others as dissidents in the Siberian death camps; Communist China since its inception in 1949 has imprisoned and slaughtered untold millions of its own citizens for daring to think individually and criticize the collective–the government; Pot Pol the communist dictator of Cambodia is infamous for the killing fields, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and the slaughter and starvation of his own people and was forced to institute the Doi Moi reforms and revisions to alleviate the suffering and poverty of the Vietnamese people; the poverty of the Laotians, Cuba and the elitists and the poverty of the common people, and finally Kim Jong Un and the mass suffering of those under that communist regime, among many other instances.

Lumping people into arbitrary categories and saying all whites are bad, and all blacks are oppressed, and I’m not sure what is said about Asians–don’t lump them all together–they have various and sundry cultures and languages and in each nations there are various and sundry groups—–

AND all are made of individuals with differing looks and thoughts and beliefs and outlooks and experiences!!!

And what is sad for me as a Christian and knowing that God made each person an individual in a group with some similarities, yet with many diversities within each group, is that some professing Christians seem to be buying into this group categorization and lump people together and victimize and vilify people based on categories and not acknowledging individual differences.

And that is so distressing. Secular individual promote this thought and totally buy into it, but that professing Christians do and of course if you don’t, you are categorized and vilified as racist, bigoted, hater of all humanity and the scum of the earth who needs to be eradicated because somehow you are less than human. That is not right.

Long ago I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with Picard and Riker. Picard was captured by the Borg and was told to assimilate or die–resistance is futile. That appears to be the choice today–assimilate, become politically correct or lose it all!!

The 1st Century Christians were told to give just a pinch of incense to the Emperor and all would be okay. Many chose no pinch but rather torture and death at the hands of Caesar. There is no compromise with evil.

We are individuals made by Almighty God and as a Christian redeemed by the precious blood of Christ, I must stand on His word and His definition of who humanity is and not buy into or compromise with those who would say otherwise.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, My word will never pass away.” Matthew 13: 31

“Choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
Joshua 24: 15

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Green Is Beautiful

Here I am!! I am green!
A beautiful deep green!
Some of my best friends
are green also!
They are light green,
They are grayish green,
Some have a reddish tint,
One or two are purple-green!!
Blue-ish green,
Green-ish blue,
Emerald green,
Sage green,
Olive green,
And every hue
In between!
We are beautiful
And so vital to this world.
You call us plants, shrubs,
bushes, trees, grass
and even weeds-haha!!
But we are here —
And we are vital–
Did you hear that–
We are vital and useful,
And necessary and important!!
Beautiful and utilitarian!!!
This world cannot get along without us!!
We enhance the environment
Filling it with lovely blooms
In a rainbow of colors!
We make shade from the sun
And keep the soil from drying out
Or running off,
And many of us provide tasty food
For vegans and meat-eaters alike!!
Lots of nutrients and vitamins
For a healthy life—
People and animals devour us!!
We inhabit the earth in all climates
And temperatures and seasons,
And just you name it–Everywhere!!!
In the sea, on the land, up in the mountains,
In the deserts, in the oceans,
Valleys and dales, hot and cold,
Burning and freezing,
You will find us there!!
And especially in warm–
Did you hear that warm,
We love warm and warmer!!!
And moist, and warm climates!!
Some places are harder and some better–
But you can’t keep a good Green down!!
We are here and we’re here to stay!!
So why, o why, do some people desire
To starve us and take our food away!?!?
We thrive on light and CO2!!
That’s right—you heard it!!
Carbon dioxide!! Good ole CO2
It’s not a poison,
It’s not a toxin,
It’s our food!
We take it in, turn it to food,
And breath out oxygen!
You guys like that oxygen!!
Let us have our CO2,
And we thrive and survive
And make this world a better place!!
And we’ll keep giving you
Oxygen and food and
A beautiful clean fresh world
For all of us to live in and enjoy 😉 😉

“Then God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees on the earth bearing fruit after their kind with seed in them”; and it was so. The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good. There was evening and there was morning, a third day.”
Genesis 1: 11-13

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A Willing Sacrifice

A gracious Lord, a great sacrifice!
The Lamb of God gave His life for His sheep,
Willingly, without coercion or force,
Authorized by His Father,
In perfect harmony,
He laid down His life
Only to take it up again!
Take it up again!
The Paschal Lamb slain for His own,
Shedding His blood,
More precious than silver or gold,
Accomplishing His task,
Reclaiming His own
From the clutches of sin and death,
Snatching them like brands from the fire,
Diverting them from the broad path of destruction,
Setting them on the path to life,
Transferring them from darkness to light,
Suffering humiliation and shame,
Rejection and pain,
Taking on all their iniquity
And drinking the cup of the wrath of God,
And through it all
Never whined or complained,
A man of sorrows stricken and despised,
Oppressed and afflicted,
Yet did not open His mouth,
Endured the cross, scorned the shame,
And now at the Father’s behest
Seated at the right hand of His majesty,
And given that name above all names,
That at the name of Jesus Christ
All will bow and all will confess
Jesus Christ is Lord,
And in it all the Father will be glorified;
Sacrifice complete, buried and risen,
Exalted and praised,
Given honor and glory, majesty and dominion,
Worshipped by those He redeemed,
From every tribe and tongue and people and nation!!

“To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb,
be blessing and honor and glory and dominion
forever and ever.
And the four living creatures kept saying, ‘Amen.’
The elders fell down and worshipped.”
Revelation 5: 13-14


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